Exotic Asian Eyes

August 23, 2007

I always get asked questions about how to do eye make up for Asian women. I found that there aren’t enough “how to” eye make up guides for Asian women on the web. This hits home seeing how my mom is Asian as well & she always ask me about eye make up. Here are just a few tips that I’ve learned and use that will help all my Asian beauties;

– Shades that really compliments Asian women are plum, orange, pastel, & caramel tones. You aren’t just subjected to these colors. Experiment with different colors & see what shades look best on you.

– I’ve noticed that some Asian women don’t have a crease. This is what I call a mono-lid. The best way to apply eyeshadow on your lid is to do it by making a “rainbow” effect. Apply a dark shade all over your lid blending up. Then, apply a medium shade(which will also reduce a puffy looking eye) right above the dark shade blending the edges together. Lastly,apply a light shade as a highlight color. Finish off the look with mascara (don’t forget to curl those lashes & eyeliner on the lower lashline or waterline is optional). The key to this look is to blend.

– Another good way of applying eye make up on a monolid is to do the side by side method. Apply a light/medium shade on the inner v (inner lid of your eye) & then, apply a dark shade on your outer v (outer lid of your eye). Finish off with a light highlight color on the browbone & mascara &/or eyeliner.

– Smokey eyes look amazing on exotic looking eyes. For the simplest smokey eye,apply a thick line of black eyeliner (preferably pencil since it smudges easily) on your top lashline. Take a smudge brush (or your finger) & smudge it upward on your lid. Then,apply a dark eyeshadow (it doesn’t have to just be black, try a dark blue or purple) all over the eyeliner.

– Also try doing a lighter version of the smokey eye but, instead of using dark eyeshadow, try a brown eyeshadow for a more daytime look. You can also substitute the black eyeliner for brown.

– And lastly, if your lashes are stubborn, don’t want to curl,& you don’t feel like fooling with mascara? Try false eyelashes! They are tricky at first but, practice makes perfect. Once you get the hang of them, falsies may become your new best friend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!♥

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