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Spotlight Product; Sephora Brand Lipstick

September 6, 2007

Sephora Brand Lipstick
Still til this day I’ll choose lipgloss over lipstick. I decided that I need to be more open minded when it comes to using lipsticks on myself. Lipsticks aren’t just for older women,younger women are rocking out the lipsticks now too. So,I finally headed over to Sephora to buy a new lipstick. Instead of spending time going thru all the brands (very short on time,the mall was closing in like 10mins),I instantly headed over to the Sephora brand section. Sephora brand cosmetics are so underrated(plus,who can even argue with the prices? it’s so easy on the checkbook!).I t only took me a second to find the right lipstick for me.When I tried it on,it felt amazing on my lips. Sephora’s lipsticks are outstanding. Well pigmented,nice finish and they have a little scent to them that smells good but,not overwhelming. Very long lasting,I didn’t have to re-apply during the day. My favorite trick when making my lipstick last long (whenever I do wear it) is to apply a clear gloss or balm as a base (this smooths out your lips) and then,apply a lipliner all over the lips. Finally,apply your lipstick. Instead of applying your lipstick straight from the tube,apply it with a lipbrush. A thin layer of lipstick will last longer than a thick layer straight from the tube. Another trick to make your lipstick last is to apply your lipstick,blot your lips with tissue & then,re-apply your lipstick. My favorite color is N 16 (lipstick;metallica finish) paired up with 115 (lip liner). This makes a great nude color on my lips. Sephora has a variety of different lipsticks. Glossy,matte,long lasting,glittery & metallics,you’re bound to find a color/finish that works best for you. Sephora lipsticks are only $10 & the lipliners $2-10. Make your lips looks great without breaking the bank & that’s always a good thing.