How to pull off a “dramatic” blush look

September 17, 2007

Sometimes, blush can be that cosmetic item that is easily overlooked. Blush adds color to your face and adds a certain warmth to a flat/dull complexation (plus, makes a great eyeshadow). A lot of people frown upon the thought of overdone/”dramatic” blush. Why!? There’s certain ways to pull off a dramatic blush look & not look like your stuck in the 80’s.

What color blush looks good on me?.
Try rosy, peach shimmery, soft corals, & pinks because they look good on just about every complexation. When applying blush to the apple of cheeks & cheekbones, apply your blush on an angle. Blend up & blend any harsh lines away.

Don’t cake it on.
When I say overdone/dramatic blush, this means to add a little bit more blush than you normally would on regular days.

Minimal eye make up.
Try to keep your eye make up low key. Wear flesh tone eyeshadows to even out the color on your eye lids and mascara.

Try a soft lip color.
Avoid bright lip colors to prevent clashing with your cheek color. Try light lip colors in peach, pink, brown, nude varities.

Dramatic blush makes a great night on the town look & paired with false eyelashes(try natural looking lashes), you’ll look like a knockout.

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