Precious’ Must Have Beauty Item ; False Eyelashes

September 26, 2007

I loveloveLOVE false eyelashes! They brighten up your eyes & spice up any make up look. Natural to dramatic, I love and use them all. My favorite brand of eyelashes are Ardell. They come in many styles & lengths.Not to mention they are very inexpensive (at my local Sally Beauty store, they are only $2.99-3.99). False eyelashes often get this misconception of being hard to put on. Not true. They take some practice and time to get the hang of applying them on. When you finally learn how to put them on, you’ll never want to stop wearing them. My favorite tutorial (with easy to follow steps + visuals) on how to apply lashes (for beginners & people who have tried but, haven’t got the hang of lashes yet) is by Snowkei on Specktra.net. Specktra is a very helpful website that offers a forum for make up addicts a like asking & answering questions relating to cosmetics/beauty/etc & also offering easy to follow make up tutorials & make up pictures by the members. And for good meaure, pictures of me wearing false eyelashes;

Be bold & make a statement with killer lashes

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