What’s TRULY Beautiful || A Personal Outlook

January 6, 2008

 How was everyone’s holiday? How many of you are glad it’s FINALLY over? =) Happy 2008, the year of new beginnings!

I don’t really do the whole New Year resolution but, I guess you can say I started one about over a month ago. It’s to NOT wear so much make up all the time! I have to say, I look my best without wearing a lot. I look so much fresher and softer looking without all that layers upon layers of eye make up. I used wearing make up as my clutch. Wearing make up to me was like a security blanket in a sense. Now, I can walk out the door with barely anything on and still feel great and confident about myself. God has showed me that I don’t need all this make up to be truly beautiful..true beauty comes from your inner self (1Pe 3:3-4). Your outer appearance can be beautiful but, in your insides..you can be the most ugliest person. This country feeds off the ‘outer-beautiful people’. Showing favor to the glamourous, wealthy, and (the truly) sick and Godless. I’m working on my inner self (furthuring my walk with the Lord, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, and just changing my whole attitude/outlook on things) and letting it shine through my outer appearance.

I still enjoy being a make up artist but, when it comes to my own make up..MINIMAL is the best (as well as for all of you). I still do the whole sha-bang for business events/functions and social get togethers don’t get me wrong. Just not everyday I have to cake on the make up! And trust, my skin LOVES me for ♥.


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