Make Up Look Step by Step

March 11, 2008

I haven’t used my Artistry Urban Chic Palette in forever! I don’t know why I haven’t though, I forgot how much I loved this little palette. The midnight blue and olive green go together so well. Here’s how to achieve the look pictured on the left;

1 ) Add a eyeshadow base (concealer, liquid foundation underneath the cap, or just regular eyeshadow base) to your entire eyelid and browbone.

2 ) Pat on with a small/medium eyeshadow brush the olive green eyeshadow on your lid and passed the crease up to your browbone. Blend everything out with a larger eyeshadow brush.

3 ) Add the midnight blue eyeshadow to the outer crease up to your browbone with a large eyeshadow brush. Then, take a smudge brush and a bit of the midnight blue eyeshadow on just the very outer lid. Smudge the blue eyeshadow on the upper lashline as an eyeliner. Don’t forget to make sure to blend.

4 ) For more depth, I like to add a matte black to just the outer inner crease. This also gives your look a smokey effect.

5 ) Use a shimmery beige or white eyeshadow on your browbone for a highlight color.

6 ) Add a bit of an eyeshadow base on your lower lashline and apply the midnight blue eyeshadow 1/3 of the way.

7 ) Apply a shimmery beige or white eyeshadow on the inner lashline.

8 ) Lastly, apply black mascara.

Since, this look focuses on the eyes, I used a bronzer on my cheeks and for my lips, I used a clear gloss with a nude lip liner.

More make up pictures here .
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