My How To’s – Light Yellow & Red Tutorial

May 12, 2008

I’ve been in such a colorful mood lately that I’ve been doing this yellow & red eyeshadow look for the past few days now. It’s now my current favorite look. I finally got my hands on some NYX eyeshadows this past week and they are the eyeshadow I used in this look.

Here’s how I achieved this look :

yellow and red eyeshadow look

1) First, apply an eyeshadow base to the lid, passed the crease, and on the browbone. I used this time Ulta Eye Primer (review coming soon). Apply a shimmery light yellow/light gold eyeshadow to the lid and just the inner crease. I used NYX’s Blondie eyeshadow for the light yellow.

2) Apply a shimmery red eyeshadow on the outer crease and just on the outer corner of the lid. I used NYX’s Rust eyeshadow for the red eyeshadow.

3) Apply a shimmery light beige on the browbone for the highlighter color. Use an eyeshadow primer on the lower lashline and apply the yellow on the inner lashline/red on the outer lashline.

4) Apply black eyeliner on the top lashline. I used Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid eyeliner in Black. Lastly, I apply a few coats of Artistry Essentials mascara in Black & Artistry Waterproof mascara in Black for a false eyelash look.

Up close final look

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