Smile For the Camera: Photo Friendly Make Up

May 21, 2008

photo-friendly make up

Who doesn’t want to look great in pictures? Here’s some of my tips for photo friendly make up.

  • Use a primer. The last thing you want to worry about is runny/melted off make up during a ‘photoshoot’, so using a foundation & eye primer is a must.
  • Avoid wearing foundations with SPF. The flash from the camera reflects the SPF in the foundation making you look pale/ashy in pictures.
  • Don’t forget to powder! Avoid looking oily in your pictures by applying a loose powder after your foundation.
  • Don’t OVER do your make up. You always want to wear a little more make up than you usually would to make sure it shows up on film. Don’t over do it to the point you look too made up and artificial.
  • Matte finish eyeshadows look best in pictures. If you do wear shimmery eyeshadows and want to cut the shimmery-ness of the look, apply a matte eyeshadow to the crease.
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