Wear Color With C o n f i d e n c e

June 8, 2008

wearing colorful make up

Everyone needs a little color in their life especially when it comes make up. Here’s some tips to pull off a colorful look (even on a work day):

  • Pair a colorful eyeshadow with a neutral eyeshadow : Try wearing a colorful eyeshadow with a neutral eyeshadow like a light beige/tan for a pop of color without your look being overwhelming with color.
  • Colorful eyeliners : These are my favorites when I do neutral looks. I like to use a metallic green liquid eyeliner paired up with my favorite neutrals to kick up the look. I also like to use colorful eyeshadows as eyeliners as well. All you need is a thin liner brush that’s dampened and a colorful eyeshadow you’d like to use as an eyeliner. When using eyeshadows as eyeliner, it gives a much softer look than using regular pencil or liquid liners.
  • Use colorful mascaras : Who says your too old to wear colored mascara? Try using one to spice up your look. Sometimes, I like to use metallic/glitter liquid eyeliners on my lashes for a dash of color.
  • Cheek power : Colorful looks aren’t just for your eyes. Try using a bright blush for a kick of color on your face. Remember NOT to over do it with the blush and keep eyes/lips neutral.
  • Colorful Pout : Try using a colorful lip color like pinks/reds/etc. Just like when it comes to blush, try to keep the rest of your make up neutral to have more of the focus on one thing (like your lips).
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