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The 5min(or less) make over

August 20, 2007

It’s not always a good idea to decided to do a make over at a concert venue’s restroom on your friend and being in a hurry because you didn’t want to miss a really good band play AND wind up losing one of your make up brushes deep down in a trash can. The lesson of the story is..not to rush! If you don’t have the time to “go all out” on your look,don’t worry..these few things will still make you look gorgeous & should have on hand for a 5min(or less) make up over;
eyeliner– it’s amazing what a little pencil of color can do to your eyes(& eyebrows). They can achieve a natural (a brown/ a soft color) & dramatic(think smokey) look in seconds as well as filling in gaps in your eyebrows/finishing them off. Plus,they come in a huge variety of color. You don’t have to stick to just black & brown,change your eyeliners with your mood!
mascara– the instant eye awakener. You can never go wrong with mascara. It’s one of those things that really finishes off an eye look(as well as grooming those eyebrows!!!).
blush– add a little touch of a matte blush(or bronzer) on the apples of your cheek for a more natural looking color on your face.
lipcolor– either lipstick or lipgloss for an added color to the pout will finish off a 5min make over.