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The More Natural Approach to Make Up

April 19, 2008

I get asked, “How can I achieve a natural face?” a lot. It’s very easy to achieve and all you need are the right tools aka the right make up. Natural make up is more appropriate for the work place and interviews than outrageous/colorful make up looks. Even I have to do a natural face when it comes to major business functions/meetings. I save the more colorful looks for when I have make overs to do or free days. Here are some of my tips when trying to achieve the natural face.

Choose a concealer that is yellow in tint, so it can hide your imperfections without adding much color.

If you can’t decided which foundation color is best for you, go to a department store make up counter and they can help assist you when finding the right color. If you decided to go to the drugstore for your foundation, make sure your drugstore has a return policy for cosmetics. Test the color on cheek or chin, the foundation should disappear on your skin. Don’t forget to always set your liquid foundations with a loose powder.

Always make sure your eyebrows are well groomed. Your eyebrow pencil/eyeshadow color should be either 1-2 shades darker if you have light hair or 1-2 shades lighter if your hair is dark.

When it comes to eyeshadow colors, choose more earthy tones. Try shadows in gold, brown, bronze, plum, and beige. You can apply a light eyeshadow on your lid and a darker shade on the crease to give eyes more depth. Don’t forget to apply mascara!

If eyeshadows isn’t your thing, you can skip the eyeshadow and just use mascara.

Wear an eyeliner that doesn’t look harsh on your skintone. For lighter skin, try brown/dark blue/grey. If you have darker skin, try dark brown/black. Use a powder eyeshadow + liner brush instead of a regular eyeliner to create an even more softer look.

For a flush of color on your cheeks, wear a natural looking blush. If you have darker skin try warmer tones such as bronze, plum, a dark rose, and terracotta. For lighter skin, try tones in rose, peach, pink. Apply blush on an angle on your cheekbones and a touch on the apple of your cheeks.

When choosing lip colors, look for colors that best complements your skin and lips. If your have darker skin, try shades in plum, berry, deep reds, mocha colors. If you have medium/olive skin, try shades in deep pink, light brown, raisin, and caramel. If you have lighter skin, try shades in pink and peach.


For Darker Skin Beauties

August 27, 2007

Not only do I get a lot of questions about make up for Asian women,I also get quite a few questions about make up for African Amercian women(specifically for darker complexion). Here are just some suggestions/tips that will lead you to the right direction for make up that best suits your skintone.

Instead of going to a drugstore for foundation,go to a department store make up counter. A lot of drugstore brands don’t offer many color choices for darker skinned women. Department store make up counters offer wide ranges of foundation colors & the make up artist/sales associate will be more than happy to help you find the perfect shade for you. Plus,you get to test out the product before hand instead of guessing when it comes to drugstore foundations.

Eye shadow
Color was made for you! Don’t be scared,experiment with different colors. I find that when doing make up for Ebony women,bright colors look amazing(especially greens & purples). If colorful looks aren’t your thing & want to wear colors that are more subtle,choose dark brown,copper,burgundy,beige,and plum tones.

If your wanting a dash of color on your cheeks,try red,burgundy,brown/bronze & pink tones. The darker your skintone is,the more blush you will have to apply on your cheeks in order for the color to show up. Also,if you want to contour your cheeks,jawline or nose,use a matte dark brown color (like an eyeshadow).

Try to avoid fire red,bright or orange-y lips. Instead,try colors in dark plum,red with blue undertones,dark mocha & berry.