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BEAUTY Friday 4’s

October 19, 2007

I decided to copy the idea of the Friday 5’s but instead, made the questions beauty related and only have 4 questions. Good idea huh?

1) How old were you when you first started to wear make up?
I was 13 and Lord knows when I wore make up at that time, it was a mess.

2) What was your first cosmetic item(s) you purchased?
Since back then I would wear all my sister’s and mom’s make up (hah), I bought my first lipstick at Sephora when I was 12. I never really wore it out, I just played with it at home. It was purple, lol.

3) What did you wear when you first started to get into make up?
I wore eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and lipgloss. I went to a really small catholic school during that time and they forbid make up. I only wore foundation and lip balm. It was actucally torture.

4) Did you get in trouble for wearing make up?
YEAH! From my parents and my school (because some days I didn’t care and I just wanted to rebel). They would let me off easy tho.

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Im not sure if I’m going to do these every week but, I will certainly try ;].
Have a great weekend!♥