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My How To’s – Eyebrow Tutorial

April 1, 2008

People always ask me (on good eyebrow days) how on earth do I do my eyebrows and if they are drawn in. Yes, they are mostly drawn in and took a lot of trial and error trying to get my eyebrows the way they are now for years. I decided to do a tutorial to show you how I do my eyebrows and the products I use on my brows.

1) I do my foundation before doing my eyebrows. Yes, I’m an admitted OVER TWEEZER! To comb my brows in place, I like to use a disposable mascara wand. I always have bags of them laying around, they come in handy for brow grooming.

2) I like to fill in my brows with a brown pencil in light soft strokes. I use Beautique eyeliner on my brows. You can find Beautique at your local Sally Beauty Supply store for only $1.99. Inexpensive and works great for an eyebrow pencil.

3) To set my brows (to prevent smudging), I use a smudge brush (or you can use an angled brush) and dip it in a brown matte powder eyeshadow. I just fill in the thicker part of my brows with the smudge brush. I use Espresso in the Artistry Essentials Colour Quad in Medium. Such a versatile quad that I can’t stop talking about!

4) For the tail end of my brows, I like to use a dampened thin eyeliner brush dipped in the Espresso eyeshadow.


Voila! That’s how I do my eyebrows. Short, sweet, and simple!