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“My make up is..dirty?”

October 4, 2007

Yes. It’s important to clean your make up and brushes regularly. Here are just some of my tips and tricks to cleaning your cosmetics;

Clean your brushes at least once or twice a week (or after every use if you are doing make up on other people). It’s so important to clean your brushes for many reasons. Make up brushes habour bacteria that can cause unwanted breakouts. Also, if you don’t wash your brushes often, your make up brushes causes colors to appear “muddy” on your face (example; eyeshadows). You can buy a brush cleaner or you can wash your brushes with regular shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair. I use warm water to clean my brushes with the shampoo/conditioner and then, I let the brushes air dry overnight.

Never share mascara, lipgloss or any liquid type products with an applicator in the tube/container/etc that you’ve used on yourself or anyone else. Because these products are “wet” in texture, they hold more bacteria as opposed to powder products. If you plan on doing make up for someone (or want to share with friends), buy seperate make up and disposable applicators to apply the make up with. Never re-dip.

Rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad/ball works well with cleaning the tops of your powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, foundations) and lipsticks.