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Make Up Tips For Prom/Special Events

April 21, 2008

prom make up

You want to look beautiful on your big day, but don’t know where to begin? Here are some helpful tips for doing your own make up for prom or for a special event.

  • If you do decided to get your make up done by a make up artist, bring photo references of what you want the artist to achieve. Photos from magazines of your favorite celebrities with make up looks you like are very helpful.
  • Make sure to keep up with your skincare routines during the weeks following up to your event! Who wants to have breakouts on the day of? The night before, apply a facial mask to make your face feel fresh before your big night.
  • Make sure to apply a foundation primer before applying your foundation.
  • Use a foundation that best matches your skintone. The last thing you want is uneven looking skin. When applying foundation, apply foundation to your neckline as well. Set your foundation with a loose powder. Remember: When it comes to foundation, less is more.
  • Decide if you want to play up your eyes or lips. The rule of thumb is focus on the eyes/downplay lips or focus on the lips/downplay eyes
  • Before doing any type of eye make up, make sure to apply an eyeshadow base to avoid creased eyeshadow before night’s end. When it comes to eyeshadows, you don’t have to be matchy matchy with the color of your dress. Use eyeshadows that compliments the dress by using contrast colors. Having trouble figuring out which eyeshadow colors best goes with your dress? Check out this entry about outfit/eyeshadow color combos I did a few months ago. Experiment with make up looks before your big night.
  • Wear smudge proof/waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. Make up smudges are bound to happen on the dance floor if your not using waterproof formula eyeliners and mascaras.
  • Want spicy up your eye make up look? Wear false eyelashes! Don’t know how to apply false eyelashes? Check out this tutorial + pictures on
  • Keep blushes natural looking and a color that best matches your skintone.
  • Make sure the lip color you choose doesn’t wash out your face. Prime your lips with a lip balm before applying a lip color. Use a lip liner that best matches either your lipstick or lipgloss. Apply the lipliner first. This allows your lip color to last longer. When applying lipstick (if that’s what you decide to use), make sure to apply it with a lip brush instead of applying it directly from the tube. This also helps prolonging the color.
  • Special Event bag make up essentials; blotting sheets or pressed blotting powder compact, a mirror, lipstick or lip gloss, and eyeliner.

No rules to make up but..

October 16, 2007

..there are just some things that should be avoided!

Clashy make up.
Bright eyeshadow + bright blush + bright lip colors = disastrous.
Don’t try to pull off all of those looks at once. Try to choose one area that you want to draw the most attention to. Keep the rest of your make up mute.

Extremely heavy black eyeliner.
Save this look for the rockers and metal-heads (much love to them♥, I use to be one). When it comes to black eyeliner, a little bit goes a long way. If you aren’t a fan of black, try a softer shade like a brown, navy, or even a grey.

Obvious lipliner.
Chances are when everyone can see you’re wearing lipliner from a mile away…your lipliner is way too dark. Try to find a lipliner that is the same shade as your lip color you’re using. You can also try a slightly darker lipliner in the same color family as the lip color you’re wearing. This will help define your lips even more.

Too dark/harsh looking eyebrows.
Nothing is flattering when your brows are too dark. Harsh eyebrows will make you look hard and sometimes make you unapproachable. Eyebrows can make or break your overall make up look. For light haired women, shade your brows with a color that is 1-2 shades darker than your hair color. For dark haired women, shade your brows a color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. I find that using a matte eyeshadow on my brows makes for a more natural looking eyebrows.


Spotlight Product; Sephora Brand Lipstick

September 6, 2007

Sephora Brand Lipstick
Still til this day I’ll choose lipgloss over lipstick. I decided that I need to be more open minded when it comes to using lipsticks on myself. Lipsticks aren’t just for older women,younger women are rocking out the lipsticks now too. So,I finally headed over to Sephora to buy a new lipstick. Instead of spending time going thru all the brands (very short on time,the mall was closing in like 10mins),I instantly headed over to the Sephora brand section. Sephora brand cosmetics are so underrated(plus,who can even argue with the prices? it’s so easy on the checkbook!).I t only took me a second to find the right lipstick for me.When I tried it on,it felt amazing on my lips. Sephora’s lipsticks are outstanding. Well pigmented,nice finish and they have a little scent to them that smells good but,not overwhelming. Very long lasting,I didn’t have to re-apply during the day. My favorite trick when making my lipstick last long (whenever I do wear it) is to apply a clear gloss or balm as a base (this smooths out your lips) and then,apply a lipliner all over the lips. Finally,apply your lipstick. Instead of applying your lipstick straight from the tube,apply it with a lipbrush. A thin layer of lipstick will last longer than a thick layer straight from the tube. Another trick to make your lipstick last is to apply your lipstick,blot your lips with tissue & then,re-apply your lipstick. My favorite color is N 16 (lipstick;metallica finish) paired up with 115 (lip liner). This makes a great nude color on my lips. Sephora has a variety of different lipsticks. Glossy,matte,long lasting,glittery & metallics,you’re bound to find a color/finish that works best for you. Sephora lipsticks are only $10 & the lipliners $2-10. Make your lips looks great without breaking the bank & that’s always a good thing.