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My Fall & Winter Make up Choices

September 23, 2007

I’m constantly updating/experimenting with my looks (you know how us make up artist/cosmetic savvy girls are ;]). During the cooler months, I find that I do a lot more smokey eyes (always my favorite), mattes & light lips(pictured on the left side). Here’s just a rundown of my make up choices for the fall/winter seasons.

Before anything, I always moisturize! My skin gets extremely dry during the colder months and needs that extra hydration. I find that my complextion becomes lighter during this season so, I have to change up my foundation colors. I just mix up foundations to get the right color for my skintone. I take a darker shade and mix it with a lighter shade until I get the color that best matches my coloring. If you’re of a paler complexation, it’s obviously not to buy a deep brown foundation as your dark shade. Buy two foundations that are in a light & medium color. I like to have my foundations to have a matte finish as well. I’ve never been a fan of the dewy look on myself especially not in the fall/winter.
Lastly (face wise), I use a matte blush and/or bronzer. Skin lacks that oomph and tends to look dull during this time of year. By using a matte blush or bronzer, it gives the right amount of color on your cheeks but yet, keeping you looking natural because of the matte finish.

I’m the type of girl that smokes all my eye looks out. I said goodbye to the boring plain black look a long time ago, I’m all about smokey COLORS. I’m all about the purples, greens, greys, blues etc. The simplest way to smoke out any look is to apply a matte black eyeshadow to the outer crease and blend up. This gives the right amount of smokiness without overdoing it & a matte eyeshadow cuts down on the shimmery-ness of the shimmery eyeshadow that you may be using for this look as well as other looks (overdoing it with shimmery eyeshadows is not always a good thing especially in pictures). Another way to get the smokey effect is by applying a darker shade of the eyeshadow that you used on your lid & apply it on the crease of your eye. I’m also a fan of matte netural colors (beige, tan, peach, brown) & an extended black bold eyeliner (also known as “cat eyes”). Don’t forget to use an eyeshadow base before doing you eye make up. Don’t have any eyeshadow base? Use a bit of concealer or foundation & just pat on your lids.

It’s important to downplay & keep those pouts simple when doing a dramatic eye. Try softer/lighter shades or trying a nude color. A nude color can be achieved by just using a little bit of concealer and clear gloss on your lips. If your all about neturals & black eyeliner,try a more bold color. Remember to always prime your lips before applying any type of lip product (especially cooler weather = drying lips). You can use lipbalm, lip salve or just regular vaseline.