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Make Up Shorts ; Create This Look

May 17, 2008

pink & purple eye look

  • Eyeshadow Base : Ulta Eye Primer
  • Lid & inner crease : NYX Prune eyeshadow
  • Outer crease up to the browbone : NYX Deep Purple eyeshadow & Artistry Royalty eyeshadow
  • Outer crease & outer lid : Artistry Black Tie eyeshadow
  • Browbone : Artistry On The Move eyeshadow
  • Upper lashline : Artistry Black Tie eyeshadow & Wet n Wild Mega Line Black liquid liner
  • Lower lashline : Milani Color Brilliance Purple eye pencil as a base, MAC Violet pigment on outer lashline, and NYX Prune eyeshadow on inner lashline.
  • Lower waterline : NYC White eyeliner pencil
  • Eyelashes : Artistry Essentials Black mascara & Artistry Waterproof Black mascara


Clothing Finds : Forever 21

September 27, 2007

I like looking like a million bucks without actucally spending that much. Forever 21 has up to date clothing & accessories(not to mention cute shoes & lipgloss that I’m a fan of) to fit anyone’s budget. Prices ranging from $3-$40+. Last week, I was on a search for an outfit for my 21st birthday outting this Sunday for sushi with some friends so, of course I went to F21. My F21 was stocked with pretty much all the clothes I thought were cute that I saw online (that’s pretty rare for my F21 to have all the clothes I like actucally in store as opposed to just being on the online store). I wanted to do some damage but, since I do have self control..I kept my purchases to the bare esstenials;

Top(I bought it in purple) = $17.80

Necklace = $5.80

Earrings(Something similar to those) = $3.80

Now,I’m on the hunt for a tank top because the shirt is just way too low, black pencil skirtI already have quite a few, maybe a new pair of black pumps & a cute clutch bag.

All I need now is more false eyelashes, dye my hair, get my nails done (I’m getting a full set, I miss fake nails) and my birthday look will be complete! A more personal style entry (+ maybe pictures) in the next fews days♄