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My wishlist – I feel like a kid

September 1, 2007

It’s [FINALLY] September & that only means…I turn 21[on the 30th]! While some people are excited to turn 21 so they can buy all the booze they want,I don’t drink..I’m just happy to turn 21 so I won’t have to pay that annoying underage fee at shows. Not to mention I’m excited[& grateful] that I live to see another birthday thanks to God &………..presents = MAKE UP! Surprisingly,my make up want list isn’t that big this year.

That’s not too much right?
Hey,I’m a make up artist..we need a lot of make up anyway ;]

I’d also like for you to keep in your prayers a friend of mine who’s dealing with a great loss of his special friend who died this week. Also,keep her family & friends in your prayers as well.