About The Artist

Name: Precious
Ag: 22
Location; Cleveland,Ohio
Occupation: Make-Up Artist, Business Consultant, Business Owner
Favorites: God, family, true friends, make up artistry, reading & studying scripture, local bands, shows, bubble tea, traveling, random road trips, texting, doing make overs, cooking, praying, dressing up everyday (heels & skirts everyday are always a must for me), big handbags, being a girly girl, baby phat golden goddess perfume, artistry cosmetics, nao cosmetics, sephora, mac cosmetics, eye make up, taking pictures, meeting new people, christian hardcore, affiance (local band from cleveland), pumpkin spice lattes, xs energy drinks, moleskine(the notebook), smokey eyes & nude lips, giving, blogging,writing, blush, biblezine, asian(especially japanese) candy, bento box meals, filipino food (chicken adobe & pansit my mom cooks, my favorites), my dad’s cooking, canada, anything hello kitty, forever 21, h&m, pencil skirts, quilted black bags, helping people, being able to work my own hours(the many joys of running your own businesses), living drug, smoke, & alcohol free, mobile web (it’s addicting), getting my nails done (that’s also addicting), healthy cooking, vegan food, health & fitness.

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