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Get your skin’s glow back with Artistry Time Defiance Illuminating Essence

November 1, 2008

Artistry Time Defiance Illuminating Essence

The fall & wintery weather can be absolutely brutal on your skin. The damage range from dryness, dullness, & losing your skin’s glow. With Artistry’s Illuminating Essence, you can regain that youthful glow within just two weeks. Illuminating Essence can prevent & help repair discoloration (such as redness & dark spots), aging, as well as visibly making your skin brighter. This product contains a special blend of antioxidants that helps protect skin as well as preventing discoloration & signs of aging. Just apply a small amount on on your face & neck area in the morning & at night and watch your skin transform.

Artistry Illuminating Essence retails at $62.85 (for a 1 oz. bottle). It’s a $27.15 price difference from Lancome’s Bright Expert Intense Brightening Spot Correcting Serum ($90 for 1 oz.) & a $62.85 price difference from Shiseido’s White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum ($118 for 1 oz.). Artistry’s Illuminating Essence is one of the most inexpensive (but still high end) skin brightening serum out on the market.

Get your youthful glow black with Artistry Illuminating Essence & get the fast results you want today.


Spotlight Product ; Artistry Lip Colours

May 16, 2008

artistry lipsticksLately, I’ve been all about lipsticks and lip liners! I’ve been raving about Artistry Lip Colours since I got some in the mail. When it comes to certain lipsticks, they tend to dry out my lips and make them feel chapped. Artistry lip colours do just the opposite. They keep my lips hydrated and the color is so long lasting. Studies even show that when using Artistry lip colours for 2 weeks, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines on your lips up to 70%. What other lipsticks can do that? This is the perfect lipstick for women over 50. Artistry provides 25 different lip colours with 3 different finishes (creme, metallic, and shimmer). My favorite lip colour has to be Neutrale. It’s hard to find nude-ish lip colors for women of color because some nude colors can be too pale for darker skin. What I like about this color is the fact it’s got a pink-ish tone to it. I like to pair Neutrale lip colour with a clear gloss (for shine) and line my lips with Wet n Wild Creme lip liner in Brandy Wine. Lipstick Tip: For long lasting lipstick, apply lipstick with a lip brush instead of applying it straight out of the tube. This lipstick will set you back $17.55, but worth every penny because of it’s unique benefit.


Spotlight Product ; Artistry Essentials Lip Shines

May 1, 2008

I’m one of those girls who can never have too many lip glosses. I always carry at least 3-4 different ones stashed in my handbag on a typical day. One of the biggest issues with lip glosses that I face is that either the gloss is too sticky or it makes my lips peel. Not when it comes to Artistry Essentials Lip Shines. These lip shines go on smooth and doesn’t drag on the lips like some lip glosses do. Not to mention they don’t do the dreaded lip peeling like some lip glosses cause. The lip shines have the right amount of shimmer to the color. What’s even more great about these lip glosses is that they have lip colors to match light, medium, and dark complexions. Artistry Essentials takes the guess work out of trying to find which lip gloss looks good on your complexion. For only $13.50, these lip shines are definitely worth a try.


Spotlight Product ; NYC Color Eyeliners

April 15, 2008

I must admit at times…I can be a make up snob. I have to remind myself before using all these higher end brands I use now, I used the cheaper brands at drugstores in my earlier years. I was in Target the other night cruising by the make up aisle because I wanted to check and see if my Target had the new Target brand brushes that Yummy411 blogged about. Of course they didn’t! I didn’t want to leave the store empty handed, so I checked out the NYC Color section. I needed new eyeliners to tie me over til my shipment of Artistry liners came in, so I decided to buy a white pencil and a eyeliner duet that had purple on one side and black on the other side. I was skeptical that these pencils would have a good color pay off for only being $ .94. As soon as I came home, I had to play with these eyeliners. I applied the white eyeliner to my lower waterline and to my surprise, the white showed up. A lot of drugstore brand white eyeliners I’ve tried before had such bad color pay offs, but not this eyeliner. The eyeliner went on so smoothly too. I tried the the duet and both the black and purple had great color pay off as well. They both seemed like they could smudge easily though, so it’s best to apply a powder eyeshadow that best matches the color of the eyeliner on top to set the pencil eyeliner. Needless to say, I’m now a fan of NYC eyeliners and expect me to buy more of their liners!


Avoiding Make Up Meltdowns During The Spring-Summer Season

April 13, 2008

Avoid the dreaded make up meltdowns during this Spring/Summer with these tips and product suggestions.

  • Foundation Primers – Foundation and eyeshadow primers are the key for no smudge make up. Even during the extreme heat, you can avoid any type of make up meltdown with just a touch of a primer. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is one of the best foundation primers I’ve tried. I’ve worn this primer to outdoor events during the Summer and my foundation looked as fresh as it did when I first did my make up. Not to mention it fights off shine even on the oily-est of skins.

  • Eyeshadow Primer/Base – You can get even the poorest of quality eyeshadows to have a good color pay off/lasting power with an eyeshadow base. Urban Decay Primer Potion is the most popular pick when it comes to eyeshadow bases. If you want smudge/budge proof eyeshadow, this product is for you. Eyeshadows will stay in place even in the most hottest weather. People have told me they have had a hard time trying to get their eyeshadows to blend when using UDPP. When I do use UDPP, sometimes I like to apply a cream eyeshadow after applying the UDPP on my eye lids. It helps blend my eyeshadow perfectly. This primer potion can be pricey for some, so L’oreal De-Crease Eyeshadow Base is a cheaper alternative for those who want to stay within their budget.

  • Waterproof Mascaras – When it comes to sweat, tears, or rain..waterproof mascaras can be your best friend. Artistry Waterproof Mascara is my favorite mascara (or at least one of my favorites. I love my Artistry Essentials Mascara too!). Talk about a mascara that stays put. Sometimes, it takes me awhile to take this mascara off! What I also love about this mascara is that it doesn’t flake like other mascaras I use.

  • Liquid & Gel Eyeliner – Pencil eyeliners can be a pain to stay on because of their smudge factors especially during the warmer weather. Try using a liquid liner like Artistry Control Eyeliner. This liner is water resistant, smudge proof, and very long lasting which is great for the humid and sticky weather. New to liquid eyeliner? First, line your eyes with a regular pencil eyeliner and then, trace over the pencil liner with a liquid liner. One of my other favorite liners is MAC’s Fluidline Gel Liners. These eyeliners are so easy to put on and very long lasting. Don’t be intimidated by the little pot they come in, just apply the liner with a liner brush or an angled brush. Comes in a variety of colors from black to a baby blue, they have a color for everyone.


Spotlight Product ; Artistry Essentials Mineral Foundations

April 6, 2008

There seems to be a high demand for anything mineral (cosmetics) now a days. I was excited to find out Artistry finally jumped onto the mineral make up bandwagon with their Artistry Essentials line. I wanted to try their mineral foundation since I haven’t even tried any brand of mineral foundation since the whole craze started. I ordered the medium shade and at first, I thought it wouldn’t look good on my skintone because I figured it would be too light. As soon as I put it on my face, it adjusted to my skintone instantly. It feels light on the skin, it doesn’t make your skin look cake-y, and it’s fragrance free. On some days, my skin isn’t always ‘up to par’ so to speak so, I like to use this mineral foundation to set my liquid foundation. It works wonderful as a setting powder for liquid foundations. Artistry Essentials mineral foundations is perfect for the Spring/Summer season. Who wants to be bogged down with heavy foundations during the warmer months? Try this light and good-for-your-skin foundation instead. For only $19.50, it’s a small price to pay (cheaper than the widely known brand for mineral foundations) for a natural and breathable foundation.

Keep checking in for more of my Artistry Essentials reviews!


Make Up Look Step by Step

March 11, 2008

I haven’t used my Artistry Urban Chic Palette in forever! I don’t know why I haven’t though, I forgot how much I loved this little palette. The midnight blue and olive green go together so well. Here’s how to achieve the look pictured on the left;

1 ) Add a eyeshadow base (concealer, liquid foundation underneath the cap, or just regular eyeshadow base) to your entire eyelid and browbone.

2 ) Pat on with a small/medium eyeshadow brush the olive green eyeshadow on your lid and passed the crease up to your browbone. Blend everything out with a larger eyeshadow brush.

3 ) Add the midnight blue eyeshadow to the outer crease up to your browbone with a large eyeshadow brush. Then, take a smudge brush and a bit of the midnight blue eyeshadow on just the very outer lid. Smudge the blue eyeshadow on the upper lashline as an eyeliner. Don’t forget to make sure to blend.

4 ) For more depth, I like to add a matte black to just the outer inner crease. This also gives your look a smokey effect.

5 ) Use a shimmery beige or white eyeshadow on your browbone for a highlight color.

6 ) Add a bit of an eyeshadow base on your lower lashline and apply the midnight blue eyeshadow 1/3 of the way.

7 ) Apply a shimmery beige or white eyeshadow on the inner lashline.

8 ) Lastly, apply black mascara.

Since, this look focuses on the eyes, I used a bronzer on my cheeks and for my lips, I used a clear gloss with a nude lip liner.

More make up pictures here .