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Age Old Beauty Secret REVEALED

August 16, 2007

VASELINE!Vaseline can be used for a lot of things like rough skin,dry lips & etc. My favorite use for vaseline? MAKE UP REMOVER. The make up removers I’ve used in the past have dried out my skin. Vaseline is the only thing that really removes my make up(I wear a lot of it too) & leaves my skin super soft. I learned about this little tip from my mom(who learned it from her mom) when I was younger. She would always remove her make up with vaseline & has been doing so for years. I’ve always thought it was “taboo” to use vaseline on the face. So,I finally tired it a couple years ago & I’m hooked. Vaseline doesn’t cause me to break out or anything. The key is to still wash your face like you normally do after using vaseline since vaseline can be a tad greasy on the face. This is def. one of my favorite (& inexpensive) beauty secret.