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The Make Up Sponge-The Multi-Tasker

August 18, 2007

Probably one of the most underrated make up tool (IMO) that is easily overlooked..Make Up Sponges. Now,being replaced with foundation brushes(I personally don’t like them),sponges are often looked as second best. Not for me. I prefer the wedge block kind because I find that I can use them for more things than just foundation.I love to use them on myself & my clients. People are always amazed at the things I do with them. I use the tip of the wedge for concealer,the longest side for foundation and then,using the thick end for blush. If I’m reallly running short on time,I can use the other tip to apply eyeshadow. So,before you turn up your noses to make up sponges,I’d think twice after this entry.