Some of my own tricks of the trade when dealing with eyes/brows/lips.

– Scared of color? Use colorful eyeliners or eyeshadows as eyeliner (dampen a liner brush in water & dab it in the eyeshadow) instead til you feel comfortable wearing colorful eyeshadows.

– If you have a shaky hand & worried about messy eyeliner lines, rest your elbow on a flat surface for a more steady foundation.

– To avoid smearing/runny eyeliner,apply a powder eyeshadow that matches the color of your eyeliner on top.

– Smokey black eyes can be boring. You can smoke up any color look with a tad of black eyeshadow in the outer crease (blended up & well). Only takes a few seconds to do & it’s an instant smokey look.

– If you have long eyelashes & don’t want to mess with regular mascara,use a clear mascara to separate your lashes without adding color to them.

– Damaged lashes? Use a eyelash primer or vaseline as overnight treatment for your lashes.

– Using black or brown eyeliner on the top of your eyelid will give the illusion of thick lashes.

– Always clean the sides of your mascara wand on the edge of your mascara tube, this will prevent nasty clumps on your eyelashes.

– Confused about what eyebrow color you should pick?Remember,darker hair = 1-2 shades LIGHTER & lighter hair = 1-2 DARKER.

– You don’t have to just use an eyebrow pencil for your brows, you can always use a matte eyeshadow(no glittery/shimmer eyeshadows) & eyebrow wax (or a clear mascara or even a pat of hairspray) to set your eyebrows.

– The best tool(s) to use when applying eyeshadow to your brows is an angled brush and/or thin liner brush. I use the angled brush for the thick part of my eyebrows & then,I use the thin liner brush for the “tail end” of my eyebrow.

– Eyebrows should start right above the inner corner and end at the outer corners of your eyes.

– Instant browlift anyone? Apply a light eyeshadow color (usually a light beige shimmer color and also depends on your skintone) on your browbone.

– Sticky/thick lipglosses are meant to be that way so it’ll stay on your lips longer. Some are just way too thick & sticky so,applying vaseline or a lipbalm will thin out the gloss.

– Using a lipliner as a base on your lips will prolong the wear of your lipstick better.

– Creamy lipsticks are best for women over 50. The older we get,the creamier our lipsticks should be.

– If you want a plumper pout,apply lipliner outside of your natural lipline & then, dab a little bit of gloss on the middle of your bottom lip.

Always remember to wash your brushes at least once or twice a week! Brushes are a playground for bacteria & if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they can cause breakouts. Plus, eyeshadow brushes that aren’t cleaned can cause colors to get “muddy”. As a make up artist, I always clean my brushes after every use. Make up sponge should be replaced often as well. If they are completely saturated in product & looks kind of nasty,don’t second guess..just toss them. You can also wash your sponges & let them dry but, the best bet is to just buy a new bag of them. Sponges are quite inexpensive.

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